The Internet has changed the way we watch movies and TV, listen to music, shop and interact with others. And it is also radically changing the way we read stories.   SplashStories is an entirely new way to experience short stories.  It offers video, audio and text versions of over 100 short stories, plays and monologues. They are entertaining, usually laugh-out loud funny and mostly thought-provoking. You can read one and then see or hear how professional actors perform the story……or vice versa. SplashStories are designed to give you a daily break in your work, commute or otherwise busy life to enjoy, thrill and laugh about the quirky existence that we call “life”.

_MDO0797Between you and I, is that a Splash Story is a very short, fun, break from the complexities and challenges of our world. It’s adult play. Keeping you entertained and smiling while occasionally presenting a new perspective or compelling idea. But most of all it’s about Fun, Fantasy and another F word if I could come up with that I might be able to say in public. So dive in, make a little splash of your own, and enjoy.


Michael Shames