Here is one of the oldest riddles in human history: what do consumer advocacy, energy policy, playwriting, short-story authoring, novelizing, adventure traveling, environmental protection, non-profit administration, public speaking and drumming have in common?   The answer: nothing…..other than Michael Shames.  Michael has spent over 30 years as a director of non-profit utility advocacy organizations, environmental protection organizations and serving on boards of other non-profits.   In his spare time, he has traveled the world, written over 100 short stories, 30 one-act plays, three non-fiction consumer guides and two novels. Oh, and he calls his parents on a regular basis.

1-_MDO0772In 2014, he has produced two plays in New York City one-act competitions, had six of his short plays performed in San Diego readings and written two short-story compilations. “Fantastic Journals” is a collection of 40 serio-comic short stories tied together by a metaphysical theme.   They are first-person narratives involving the implausible, impossible, improbable, imaginable, and immutable.  “Whale of a Dragon’s Tale” imagines a world of sentient beings, none of whom are human.   A dragon and beluga whale fall in love and grapple with issues of life, death, friendship, identity and saving the world.     They are joined by a wise genderless colossal squid, humorless shrimp, networking clams, bumbling blue whales, crafty killer whales, cheeky crabs and a dimwitted owl and a wry seahorse named Trigger, Throughout it all, they maintain a dignity and humor that makes these stories a chuckle-filled roller coaster ride through an Earth epoch that may have once existed but about which our paleontologists will never admit.

Stories from these two collections and numerous other writings can be found at this website as well as other direct publishing sites throughout the Internet.