When people ask me: “Michael, what is a splash story?”

My response to them is “what do you want to be?”
But the truth, between you and I, is that a splash story is a very short, fun, break from the complexities and challenges of our world.
It’s adult play. Keeping you entertained and smiling while occasionally presenting a new perspective or compelling idea.   I call them Story Snacks:
You can read it
You can view it
You can hear it
But you can’t chew it.
You can dream it
You can do it
You can give it
But you can’t chew it
You can lift it
You can kung fu it
You can gift it
But for heaven’s sake, don’t try to chew it.
You can sample it
You can imbue it
You can example it
Just stop already with trying to chew it.
But most of all it’s about Fun, Fantasy and another F word if I could come up with that I might be able to say in public.
So dive in, make a little splash of your own and snack away at the stories at this site.   We promise that they are low in calories and high in laughs.